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AI-guided cyberattack detection & response automation
across all business functions

Join ORNA's global family of 200+ businesses and experience our Extended Managed Detection & Response game-changer


Our Customers

Why do businesses love ORNA X-MDR?

"Great functionality, especially for SMEs that have limited or relatively inexperienced/new security teams"

Great functionality, especially for SMEs that have limited or relatively inexperienced/new security teams. Some of the decisions needed in IM may not be binary and so the ORNA team are continuously improving the service to align with customer feedback. As such, the easy to understand user interface and functions will mature and grow with customers - a true partnership based approach.


Andrew Giles

Head of Security and Resilience, Nationwide Building Society

Your Story

Your Story


YOU are a Senior InfoSec Executive

And you are facing a dilemma.

Your organization needs to be able to effectively counter the threat of cyberattacks to survive.

Your 2 Options:

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Build a very expensive 24/7/365 internal cybersecurity function - $1.5M/year for the most basic one.


ORNA Square Assets (26).png

Outsource this to a Managed Detection & Response (MDR) provider.

Yet, you will still have to staff, equip, train, and retain that internal cybersecurity function - what you were trying to avoid in the first place. 

Why Does This Happen?

Managed Detection, No Response

Typical MDR vendors promise a "sign-and-forget" cybersecurity function, yet focus on just the technical, initial aspect of cyberattack response, leaving the remaining 4/5 to you.

Some will up-sell you on recovery, digital forensics, compliance help, and so on - but at a significant premium, completely defeating the cost-efficiency of outsourcing.

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You Need

ORNA Square Assets (28).png

Not just initial triage, but complete incident response for the entire breach lifecycle

ORNA Square Assets (29).png

Not just InfoSec response, but holistic response across all business functions

ORNA Square Assets (30).png

Not just simple dashboards, but full visibility into everything MDR-related

This is Where We Come In

Learn More About...

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In 11 countries


Mean time to contain


Daily events analyzed

The X-MDR Service
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24/7 Monitoring.
15 Minutes Mean Time To Contain

When an attack happens, quick and decisive actions make all the difference.


Our Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) team begins investigation and containment within minutes to help you mount a world-class response without being a security pro, or staffing an expensive breach response team.

True Full-Service
Breach Response

Breach response goes far beyond IT: it's easy to focus on identifying, containing and eradicating the threat, while hidden pitfalls around it can easily negate the benefits of decisive action.


The team needs to be adept at understanding all applicable regulatory requirements and complying with them; maintaining legal privilege; communicating with staff, customers and business partners; fulfilling reporting obligations and so much more.


We've got your back - across the board.


Experienced Digital
Forensics Team

Let's be honest: breach response is not something you'd want amateurs working on, especially with your company's reputation and sometimes even future on the line.


Our team consists of experienced cyber incident response and digital forensics experts only. Elite consultants, CISOs, Microsoft Hall of Fame admittees, former military intelligence veterans.


We don't offshore - and we put our reputation on the line alongside yours.

But Let's Talk ORNA

Our service is underpinned by an industry-first collaborative X-MDR platform, allowing us to offer what traditional MDR vendors cannot.

ORNA Highlights

Feature Highlights

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Case Management

When a major incident happens, quick and decisive actions make all the difference. With ORNA, you can mount a world-class response, as alerts can be upgraded to incidents with a single action. Notifications and escalations are triggered automatically while ORNA generates attack-specific tasks and actions and automatically assigns them based on your team members' roles.

ORNA's built-in, detailed Playbooks cover both DFIR and non-InfoSec crisis management activities. and are easy to understand even for non-InfoSec staff like HR, Comms and Legal.


Moreover, the Playbooks are integrated with threat intelligence, compliance and risk management KPIs and context, making sure your cross-functional stakeholders know exactly what role they play in a major incident of any complexity.

ORNA Alerts Dashboard_edited.jpg
ORNA Alert Details.png

Alert Visibility
& Escalations

More Transparency, Less Stress

ORNA's Scout agent detects attacks and anomalies across the entire infrastructure 24/7/365, de-duplicates them, groups them by source, incident relevance and criticality, and enriches them with threat intelligence data from 28 public and private sources.

Know The Risks

ORNA's AI analyzes the threat and estimates the severity of the resulting incident, not just the alert, as well as the affected assets. Clear, color-coded dashboards provide attack breakdown by asset, type, technique, time, and more to speed up operations.

Notifications & Escalations

Being in the loop has never been easier. ORNA's notifications are secure and highly configurable based on your team members' roles, source and severity to avoid alert fatigue.

Security Operations

Theia, the Artificial Intelligence behind ORNA, is there to help you every step of the way, enhancing every aspect of the platform.

Simply ask Theia how to complete a certain task, request more context on an alert or investigation, summarize a report for you, and so much more.


With instant access to a wealth of data and analytics insights, as well as the ability to cross-correlate contextual information, Theia is a natural extension of our Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC), designed to add depth and interactivity to simplify your team's life.

Screen Shot 2023-07-20 at 3.19.40 PM.png


NIST CSF, Un-complicated

Easily view and manage your NIST compliance journey, view dynamic improvement recommendations, and control your cyber risk across 5 major governance domains in a single, comprehensive dashboard using ORNA's Risk Dashboard.

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 4.56.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 11.41.02 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 11.41.37 AM.png
ORNA Reports.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 11.14.46 AM.png

Incident Reports
You'll Love

Incident reporting is a pain.

Keeping track of the proverbial Who, When, How, Why, and What for every action taken by the team adds an unnecessary level of stress to an already charged situation. And then there's evidence preservation and classification too.

Miss something - and you risk losing your cyber breach insurance coverage, inviting expensive audits, fines, and so on.

But incident reporting doesn't have to be complicated. With ORNA, you'll deliver highly detailed (or high-level executive) incident reports with built-in evidence analysis in seconds, not weeks.


Secured with AES-256 and unique 32-symbol hexadecimal access codes for confidentiality and integrity.

24/7 Subject Matter Support

We've got your back, no matter what. You can get in touch with us around the clock and get a response within just 5 minutes. No tickets - just shoot us a message!

Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 12.22.21 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 12.27.53 PM.png

How do we stack up?

From 200+ integrations to built-in playbooks and powerful analytics

Incident response and digital forensics teams are fatigued and ineffective with some of the highest burnout rates in the world. Three main factors are to blame: the lack of user-friendly tools, the lack of clear processes and their automation, and the lack of holistic aggregation. We've built ORNA to solve all of these challenges.

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