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Incident Response Automation

For Small IT Teams

Simplify 24/7 threat detection, triage, and human incident response with 94% reduction in false positives and AI playbooks

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Connect your detection tool (e.g. EDR), or deploy our Scout agent in minutes and auto-triage complex threats

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Empower your team with AI-enhanced Incident Response playbooks for every type of threat and business role

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Auto-correlate with the NIST cybersecurity framework and receive customized, proactive risk mitigation tips

Big Leagues Value, SMB Usability

From the ground up, ORNA is designed as an all-in-one, integrated cybersecurity platform for small and midsize businesses


Trusted By 185+ Teams

From regional credit unions to SaaS companies, ORNA helps increase the impact and efficiency of small IT and security teams ten-fold

"Great functionality, especially for SMEs that have limited or relatively inexperienced/new security teams"

Great functionality, especially for SMEs that have limited or relatively inexperienced/new security teams. Some of the decisions needed in IM may not be binary and so the ORNA team are continuously improving the service to align with customer feedback. As such, the easy to understand user interface and functions will mature and grow with customers - a true partnership based approach.


Andrew Giles

Head of Security and Resilience, Nationwide Building Society

How ORNA Works

Reduce noise by over 90%, de-stress your team, and orchestrate threat detection and response across the entire business

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Identify Assets at Risk

See immediate post-setup ROI using the risk-scored and color-coded Assets dashboard, dynamically showcasing your most compromised Assets and Asset types.


Endpoints in the dashboard are linked to Alerts, Events and Incidents, allowing for deep, clear insights into Asset risks.


Triage Alerts With AI

ORNA investigates event-related evidence, correlates it with threat intelligence, and de-duplicates thousands of signals into a handful of easy-to-interpret, classified Alerts.


The platform resolves false positives, contains immediate threats, and provides recommended action steps.

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Streamline Response

ORNA auto-escalates key Alerts and uses scenario-specific customizable AI Playbooks to assign highly detailed Incident Response tasks to all team members across all business roles.


A Trello-like dashboard is provided for easy team and task management, as well as evidence storage and comms.

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Track and Report

Receive weekly threat intelligence reports and easily generate custom reports as needed, from short executive summaries to highly detailed, time-stamped DFIR reports.


Each report is secure, comprehensive, and can include tasks, evidence, roles, outcomes, and much more.


Manage Compliance

Manage your cyber risk and compliance across 5 domains and 23 categories using ORNA’s built-in NIST cybersecurity framework dashboard, complete with easy-to-track KPIs.


Your dashboard even includes AI-driven risk mitigation recommendations, proactively driving your cyber strategy.

How ORNA Works

200+ Integrations. One Pane of Glass

No-code, easy to set up integrations to automate or streamline alert triage, compliance, reporting, communications, escalations, and much more


Getting Started

Start managing your incidents, not your tools. Get ORNA up and running within hours, saving you and your team precious time

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1-Day Setup

Setup via integrations or use ORNA’s own Scout detection agent to import your assets and start 24/7/365 monitoring

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Reduce Noise

Once setup, ORNA will identify, correlate, and triage millions of daily events, de-duplicated into alerts as needed

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Where required, ORNA will auto-contain threats, perform escalations and assign detailed tasks to team members

Theia. On Your Guard 24/7

The AI revolution is here - use it! Theia works with you on every alert, task, action and other items to amplify your team's efficiency and impact

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Knowledge is power. Ask Theia to explain an Alert to you in simple terms, provide context or analyze an IOC

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During an incident, decisive actions are a must. Theia breaks down even complex tasks into digestible action steps

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Whether you’re providing a quick daily incident update, or producing a full DFIR report, Theia will help in seconds

More Feature Highlights

ORNA comes with a ton of relevant features, all intended to smooth, or automate typical day-to-day operations at SOCs of any size


Vulnerability Management

ORNA's Scout agent continiously scans your Assets for weaknesses, determines their severity, provides mitigation details cross-referenced with NVD and CVE, and displays everything in a real-time, easy to understand dashboard for stress-free vulnerability management.

  • What kinds of organizations and teams is ORNA right for?
    Small and medium-sized businesses with minimal InfoSec resources use ORNA to quickly and cost-efficiently create a streamlined SecOps function, drastically reducing the staffing and cost requirements for effective threat response. ORNA also offers 24/7 live incident response and digital forensics support and various retainer/staff augmentation options to take your team further. Large enterprises with well-established SOC, incident response, and threat intelligence teams use ORNA to bring and correlate inputs and outputs of dozens ITSM, InfoSec and ticketing tools into a single platform, allowing for much faster and easier threat response, team and task management, reporting, and more.
  • How long does it take to get started with ORNA?
    The main step is setting up event telemetry, which will also auto-import your assets - you can do this by either connecting your existing EDR, XDR, SIEM, or other tools with ORNA, or using our own Scout endpoint monitoring agent. In either case, setup usually takes under a day, and covers your cloud, on-premises, and even IoT/ICS/OT devices. Our 24/7 support team, which you can contact using ORNA's built-in live chat in the bottom right corner, offers setup assistance at no extra cost.
  • What can ORNA monitor and what types of threats can it detect?
    ORNA monitors and correlates threats using our proprietary Theia AI/ML engine with advanced heuristic capabilities across multiple categories, including: File Integrity Monitoring: Tracking changes to critical files to detect unauthorized modifications or tampering. Endpoints (Servers, Workstations, IoT Devices, etc.) Telemetry: Collecting and analyzing data from endpoints to identify suspicious activities, malware infections, and unusual behavior. Active Directory Telemetry: Monitoring Active Directory events to detect unauthorized access, changes to user accounts, and potential security breaches. Authentication: Monitoring authentication attempts for signs of unauthorized access or suspicious login patterns. Firewalls: Analyzing firewall logs to identify and block unauthorized network traffic and potential intrusion attempts. IDS/IPS: Monitoring intrusion detection/prevention system logs to detect and respond to potential security incidents and network attacks. Network Traffic: Analyzing network traffic patterns to identify anomalies, potential threats, and suspicious activities. WAP (Wireless Access Points): Monitoring wireless access points for unauthorized access and suspicious activities on wireless networks. Web Proxy and Email Gateways: Inspecting web and email traffic for malicious content, phishing attempts, and malware distribution. Cloud Infrastructure (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP): Monitoring cloud resources and configurations to identify security risks, unauthorized access, and potential data breaches. User Entity and Behavior Analytics (UEBA): Analyzing user behavior to detect abnormal activities, insider threats, and potential account compromises. SaaS/PaaS/IaaS Infrastructure: Monitoring security events and configurations within Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environments. Antivirus and Endpoint Protection (EDR/XDR) Tools: Collecting and analyzing data from antivirus and endpoint protection tools to detect and respond to malware and advanced threats. Threat Intelligence Feeds: Integrating external threat intelligence to proactively identify known indicators of compromise and emerging threats. These categories and the associated data enrichment can be further expanded via third-party data source and tool integrations - for example, your existing XDR system, if any.
  • How is ORNA different from SIEM, SOAR, XDR, EDR, and MDR?
    ORNA provides an all-in-one cybersecurity platform, effectively, a Security Operations Centre in a box, bringing together threat detection, triage, response, reporting, and prevention capabilities, while each of the above-mentioned tools typically cover just one of these areas. If you are already using one or more of these tools, ORNA can integrate with them and breach the gaps, extending and improving their functionality and bringing it all into a single pane of glass.
  • Does ORNA integrate with external tools, platforms and vendors?
    Yes - ORNA natively (i.e., no-code) integrates with over 200 cybersecurity, IT risk management, compliance, and networking tools and solutions (e.g., Trend Micro Vision One XDR, Deep Instinct, ServiceNow, and many others). Check out the full list of current integrations here. Custom integrations are available upon request pending a brief feasibility analysis.
  • Can I modify ORNA’s built-in threat response Playbooks, or create/import my own?
    Yes - ORNA comes with multiple (e.g., Ransomware, DDoS, Phishing, Industrial IoT, Insider Threat, and others) smart playbooks that cover all stages of cyberattack response for all of your business functions, following the SANS IR methodology. You can easily customize these playbooks using the built-in Playbook Designer, create your own from scratch or based on templates, or upload your existing incident response plans and playbooks. You can watch the Playbook Designer overview here.
  • Will my team receive any training or additional support?
    The ORNA platform itself includes interactive guidance tours for each team member that joins, and provides in-tool 24/7/365 customer, subject matter, and digital forensics support by actual people. Moreover, each new customer’s team receives free opt-in specialized training and a ~ 2-hour Tabletop (i.e., incident response simulation) exercise valued at $15,000 at no extra cost.
  • Do I need to install a physical device within my network for ORNA to work?
    A physical device is not required in the vast majority of ORNA deployment scenarios. In very rare cases where it is, such as monitoring specific ICS/OT/SCADA environments, the device is provided to you by us hassle-free.


Create a free trial account and explore at your own pace, or get a personalized demo specific to your situation below - welcome to the ORNA family!

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