Manage incidents, prevent losses

Take the guesswork out of your cyber incident response

A turn-key solution for your IT and business stakeholders to respond to cyberattacks at the world-class level


Who uses ORNA?


Mitigate threats with 6 highly detailed Playbooks and Asset risk analytics.


Create detailed, secure Incident reports in seconds and view KPIs.


Stay in-the-know with real-time updates and executive risk guidance.

Third Parties

Easily collaborate with your Managed Security, IT, legal, and audit partners.

Cross-functional response

Admit it. Response matters

Knowing exactly what to do during a cyberattack can be daunting. Actions of IT, business, compliance, legal, and even HR must be coordinated to avoid disaster. 

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No Security team?
No problem

When an attack happens, quick and decisive actions make all the difference. With ORNA, you can mount a world-class response without being a security expert, or staffing a cybersecurity team.

ORNA's detailed playbooks are easy to understand for non-InfoSec staff and cover all areas of your business. Moreover, they are integrated with compliance and risk management KPIs and context, and ORNA's own specialized digital forensics team is always there to help you further.

Be ready for anything. Today

Cyberattacks are getting faster and more complex, leaving traditional SOPs and playbooks in the dust, yet the budgets are tight. What if there was one tool for all things Incident Response?

How do we stack up?

From SIEM integrations to digital playbooks and powerful analytics

Unlike most competitors, ORNA is a holistic solution that fully encapsulates every aspect of the SANS process for business and technical teams, including task and team management, KPI tracking, automatic report generation, attack-specific playbooks, analytics, and much more.


Our Customers

Why companies like ORNA?

"A simple, effective platform that allows us to make smart decisions"

For us, ORNA guides cyber incident response efforts across a portfolio of over 30 companies, replacing conventional playbooks and plans.

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