Security orchestration for DFIR teams

Incident Response
and Case Management

The most intuitive cyber incident response and case management platform with on-call SME and 200+ integrations

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Intuitive Alert Routing
& Escalations

Alert Aggregation & Analysis

ORNA's Scout agent detects attacks and anomalies across the entire infrastructure 24/7/365, groups them by source, incident relevance and criticality, and enriches them with threat intelligence data from 28 public and private sources.

Suspected Incident Severity

ORNA's AI analyzes the threat and estimates the severity of the resulting incident, not just the alert, as well as the affected assets. Clear, color-coded dashboards provide attack breakdown by asset, type, technique, time, and more to speed up operations.

Notifications & Escalations

ORNA's SMS and email notifications are secure and highly configurable based on the team member's role, source and severity to avoid alert fatigue.

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Case Management

When an attack happens, quick and decisive actions make all the difference. With ORNA, you can mount a world-class response, as all alerts can be escalated into incidents with a single action. Notifications and escalations are triggered automatically while ORNA generates attack-specific tasks and actions and automatically assigns them based on your team members' roles.

ORNA's built-in, detailed Playbooks cover both DFIR and non-InfoSec crisis management activities. and are easy to understand even for non-InfoSec staff like HR, Comms and Legal.


Moreover, the Playbooks are integrated with threat intelligence, compliance and risk management KPIs and context, and ORNA's own specialized digital forensics team is always there to help you further.

Be ready for anything. Today

Cyberattacks are getting faster and more complex, leaving traditional SOPs and playbooks in the dust, yet the budgets are tight. What if there was one tool for all things Incident Response?

How do we stack up?

From 200+ integrations to built-in playbooks and powerful analytics

ORNA is great for midsize companies because it’s affordable, easy and stress-free to use, and provides immediate attack detection, compliance and cyber risk mitigation benefits presented via the best and the most intuitive User Experience in the business.


Our Customers

Why do companies like ORNA?

"Great functionality, especially for SMEs that have limited or relatively inexperienced/new security teams"

Great functionality, especially for SMEs that have limited or relatively inexperienced/new security teams. Some of the decisions needed in IM may not be binary and so the ORNA team are continuously improving the service to align with customer feedback. As such, the easy to understand user interface and functions will mature and grow with customers - a true partnership based approach.


Andrew Giles

Head of Security and Resilience, Nationwide Building Society


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