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Our Purpose

In a rapidly changing and digital-led world, any business, whether a large enterprise or an SMB, is susceptible to damaging cyberattacks. The global cybersecurity resource shortage combined with the increasing complexity and sophistication of cyber threat actors is making it increasingly hard to respond to such attacks in the most efficient manner possible.

We believe that the solution is a comprehensive SaaS platform that mitigates the lack of in-house incident response expertise through professionally crafted digital playbooks; focuses on preventative measures, and not just response; and combines over 12 incident response tools in a single package: ORNA.

Our Story

We are a Canadian startup with a multinational team located across Canada, the US and the UK. Combined, the founding team alone has over 40 years of experience in cyber incident response and digital forensics, coming from working on cutting-edge cybersecurity initiatives at Deloitte, Ernst & Young, McKinsey, and the National Cybersecurity Centre.​

ORNA started as an important project within Wembley Partners, an elite global cybersecurity services company with the same founding team. We quickly discovered that ORNA had the potential and the momentum as a standalone solution that can revolutionize the current approach to cyber incident response. Our journey so far has been the best proof we could ask for.


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