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Breached? We help dozens of companies every month, 24/7

Let us help you! Reduce your cyberattack losses by over 60% and speed up recovery by 3 weeks on average

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In losses prevented


Average saved recovery time


Leaked records recovered

Professional, courteous, and experts at what they do. Their guidance and support, and response to any issues we have or spotting an issue before it hits us is critical to the way we operate today and in the future. I am thankful that we have partnered with them for our cyber security.


Elliot Steele

IT Director, Powell Group of Companies

What is Breach Response & Digital Forensics?

1 in 5 businesses around the globe experienced a damaging cyberattack last year alone and lost at least $4 Million in direct costs only - that's not including hidden costs, such as reputation damage, leaving customers, litigation, as well as potential regulatory fines and audits.

The goal of breach response and digital forensics - the technical component of breach response, involving the recovery and investigation of digital evidence pertaining to a cybercrime - is three-fold:



Identifying all affected assets and business functions, quantifying the damage, and containing further spread.


Speed Up

Bringing affected assets and business functions back to their full operating states, often in tandem with business continuity processes.



Determining the root cause and mitigating the discovered vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or other deficiencies.

Why Hire Our Special Advisory Services (SAS) Team?
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24/7 Assistance.
Anywhere in the World

When an attack happens, quick and decisive actions make all the difference.


Our experts will often begin working on your case within minutes of receiving it to help you mount a world-class response without being a security pro, or staffing an expensive breach response team.

Full-Service Breach Response

Breach response goes far beyond IT: it's easy to focus on identifying, containing and eradicating the threat, while hidden pitfalls around it can easily negate the benefits of decisive action.


The team needs to be adept at understanding all applicable regulatory requirements and complying with them; maintaining legal privilege; communicating with staff, customers and business partners; fulfilling reporting obligations and so much more.


We've got your back - across the board.


SAS Team

Let's be honest: breach response is not something you'd want amateurs working on, especially with your company's reputation and sometimes even future on the line.


Our team consists of experienced cyber incident response and digital forensics experts only. Elite consultants, CISOs, Microsoft Hall of Fame admittees, former military intelligence veterans.


We don't offshore - and we put our reputation on the line alongside yours.

Get DFIR Help

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or call 647-952-0920 for urgent help

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