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We'd love to provide a customized proposal for you! ORNA pricing depends on the size of your infrastructure, and the level of 24/7 incident response support you'll require, so we'll need to get in touch to give you accurate pricing info. Simply fill out the form to get started.

On it - we'll get in touch shortly.

About our Pricing Model

ORNA offers two different licenses to better meet the needs of different organizations, from those just starting on the cybersecurity journey, to larger teams with existing tools and processes in place.

With Managed, you get both the ORNA platform with all its features, and a dedicated 24/7 SecOps team in one. We'll investigate and contain all threats as needed, follow the incident response procedures from A-Z if a breach occurs, provide reporting, and much more. This is an excellent fit for organizations without an internal DFIR or SecOps team.

Our Self-Managed license is a great fit for more mature organizations. Here, your own internal team is actively involved across the board, while ORNA's 24/7 SecOps team provides targeted, specialized assistance only. For example, if ORNA alerts your CIRT about a new detected or contained threat, it is up to you to use the platform to resolve it.

Compare Self-Managed Plans

Pro + Alerts
6 Playbooks: Ransomware, DDoS, Phishing, Insider Threat, Network IoT, Other
Custom Playbooks & Playbook Designer
9 smart CIRT team roles
Incident management dashboards
Multi-tenancy support with SSO
Email comms templates
Custom integrations (APIs & SYSLOG)
Alerts dashboard & smart KPIs
Anomaly & attack detection
SMS & email incident notifications
Indicators of compromise
Threat intelligence enrichment
Rule & alert management
Compliance framework correlation
Asset risk KPIs
NIST risk tracking dashboard
NIST risk mitigation recommendations
Case management command centre
Task & action automations
Alert correlation & aggregation
Task & action management
Evidence uploads
Custom incident reports
Unlimited users
Unlimited alerts
Unlimited assets
200+ integrations
24/7 DFIR support
24/7 customer support
Dedicated support engineer
Tabletop exercise & training
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