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Manage Your Incidents,
Not Your Tools.

Everything your cross-functional team needs for effective cyber incident response. Created and priced specifically for agile DFIR.

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ORNA's Scout agent detects attacks and anomalies across your entire infrastructure and informs all relevant stakeholders within seconds.

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Collaborate on incident resolution using smart Incident Response playbooks generated by ORNA's Artificial Intelligence engine.

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Use built-in cyber risk management features aligned with the NIST framework to see where you stand and how to improve over time.

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How ORNA Works
Why Choose ORNA?
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Get your team up to speed, fast

Immediately after purchase, we conduct a detailed kick-off session with your team, demonstrating every feature of the platform and answering any and all questions.

Once your stakeholders are comfortable with ORNA, we schedule an incident simulation (Tabletop) exercise to cement your knowledge of the tool - free of charge!

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Cyberattacks are stressful. Intuitive UX helps

Most Security Automation, Orchestration and Response (SOAR) tools are complex, and for a good reason: after all, cybersecurity is a specialized, subject matter-heavy field.

With ORNA, we faced the challenge of making the incident response process easy to follow and understand for everyone. Our customers tend to agree - we nailed it.

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Complex data, uncomplicated

What is MTTR? DDoS? NIST? What makes up Incident Urgency and Impact? We bring cyber to everyone, not just seasoned Security Operations Centre analysts.

And if you get stuck after all, our Customer Support and Digital Forensics teams will lend you a hand 24/7 as part of our Special Advisory Services.

ORNA is a terrific product and is only getting better. Essential for anyone who needs to get a handle on their cyber-security approach and activities but doesn't feel like getting ripped off by the 'big names' in the space.


Marty Smith

IT Director, Alzheimer Society of Ontario

Easily Manage Response

ORNA makes it easy to view the status of your current Incidents, related tasks, as well as breakdowns of Incidents by type and on an annual timeline.


View and manage the latest tasks your Cyber Incident Response Team is working on and have KPIs at your fingertips. Asset risk management is included too.

Easily Manage Response
Top-Tier Playbooks, Included

Once a new Incident occurs, be it Ransomware, Phishing, DDoS, or even Insider Threat, ORNA pre-generates and automatically assigns tasks developed by Digital Forensics and Incident Response experts.


Each task is unique, highly detailed, and is assigned to the team member most qualified to perform it, whether technical or business.​

Top-Tier Playbooks, Included
Powerful Playbook Editor

Customize the built-in Playbooks to the fullest extent possible, and create new ones from scratch or based on a template.


You can use the Playbook Marketplace to import Playbooks created by other organizations, or share your custom playbooks with the world and contribute to the global fight against cybercrime.

Powerful Playbook Editor
Asset Risk Management

Actively targeted by malicious threat actors, critical assets, or Crown Jewels, are a key part of any Incident Response process.


Easily create, categorize, manage and risk-score your assets, view key statistics and Key Performance Indicators across people, software, hardware, processes, data, and more.

Asset Risk Management
Intuitive Incident Resolution

Follow a straightforward, guided 6-step Incident creation process for major incidents.


Detailed step-by-step guidance and a smart, AI-powered user experience allow you to identify, risk-score, and assign Incidents like a pro. We'll notify your team immediately too, so they can start on their tasks right away without wasting valuable time.

Intuitive Incident Resolution
Email Templates For Everything

In a cyber breach, a thousand words may not be enough.


Use ORNA's pre-defined and intelligently populated editable communications templates to never again doubt what should and shouldn't be included in data breach notices, internal communications, press releases, notifications to third parties and regulators, and more.

Email Templates For Everything
Team Management

Adding new team members is easy. Simply select which roles are applicable, and ORNA will sort out the appropriate tasks and activities automatically - including for Incidents already in progress.


Each team member's availability is tracked, ensuring realistic workloads and happy staff. Roles can be re-assigned at will; our AI engine will adapt in kind.

Team Management
Instant, Detailed Reporting

With requirements for highly detailed incident reports put forth by regulators, insurance companies, vendors, and even internal compliance teams, cyber incident reporting can be daunting and each report can take weeks to create.


With ORNA, you can generate, edit and share highly detailed, secure incident reports in seconds.

Instant, Detailed Reporting
More From ORNA
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Chat with an expert and find out if ORNA is for you. Book your 1-on-1 live demo and consultation below for a chance to win a 3-months free trial!

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